Upcoming Events



JANUARY 30: “HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”, The Netherlands Ambassadors Conference, The Hague. Speaker

JANUARY 31 – FEBRUARY 1: HepHIV 2017 conference: HIV and Viral Hepatitis: Challenges of Timely Testing and Care, Malta. Speaker


FEBRUARY 9: Addressing Challenges in Global Health Security course, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), Geneva. Speaker

FEBRUARY 17: “Ethics and Principles for Science and Society Policymaking: The Brussels Declaration”, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting, Boston. Speaker

FEBRUARY 23: Conversation with Ruth Dreifuss on  the High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines, Geneva. Moderator

FEBRUARY 28: Signature of the Paris Declaration on The Fast-Track Cities Initiative by Odessa city, Odessa.


MARCH 4: Interdisciplinary Program in Translational Medicine, Brussels. Speaker

MARCH 13 – 14: “Side event: Decriminalizing Drug Use and Possession to Advance Health and Human Rights”, Sixtieth session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Vienna. Moderator

MARCH 28: “Culture Cures and Kills Symposium II”, AFEW, Amsterdam. Speaker


APRIL 4 – 5: Harm reduction Eastern European regional conference, Vilnius. Speaker

APRIL 6: Biovision, Lyon. Speaker

APRIL 24 – 28: Mission to Moldova (Chisinau, Beltsi and Tiraspol).


MAY 11: « TB and European health security: the critical role TB R&D in the context of antimicrobial resistance », Brussels.

MAY 14 – 17: International harm reduction Conference, Montreal. Speaker

MAY 21 : High level event « Antimicrobial resistance: Accessing new ways to tackle multi-drug resistant tuberculosis », Geneva. Speaker

MAY 22 : 2nd Steering Committee meeting for the Moscow conference on Tuberculosis, Geneva.

MAY 22 – 26 : World Health Assembly, Geneva.

MAY 30 – JUNE 1: Mission to Ukraine.


JUNE 12 – 16: Mission to Uzbekistan.

JUNE 27 – 29: UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, Geneva.


JULY 12 : Meeting on progress, challenges and opportunities to end AIDS by 2030 on the fifth anniversary of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law, New York. Speaker

JULY 13: High Level Political Forum side event on the fifth anniversary of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law, New York. Speaker

JULY 23-26: AIDS Science conference, Paris. Speaker

JULY 27: IAS-Lancet Commission on the Future of the HIV Response and Global Health, Paris.

JULY 28 – 29: Building Partnerships to Enhance Health and Criminal Justice Outcomes among pre incarcerated, incarcerated and soon to be released prisoners in Central Asia and Eastern Europe – A regional roundtable meeting of key stakeholders, Kiev. Speaker


SEPTEMBER 11 – 13: WHO Euro Regional Committee, Budapest.

SEPTEMBER 14: 6th International City Health Conference, Basel. Speaker

SEPTEMBER 18 – 20 : National HIV Conference Kyrgyzstan


OCTOBER 2: Social Forum, Geneva. Speaker

OCTOBER 3: The Johns Hopkins–Lancet Commission on Drug Policy and Health event, Geneva. Speaker

OCTOBER 4 : Launch of the French think tank « Solidarité et Santé mondiale», Paris. Speaker

 OCTOBER 5 : Global Commission on Drug Policy event, Paris. Speaker

OCTOBER 11 – 13: Union World Conference on Lung Health, Guadalajara, Mexico. Speaker

OCTOBER 24 – 26: Executive course “Drug Policy, Diplomacy and Global Public Health”, Geneva. Co-director


NOVEMBER 16 – 17: International Ministerial Conference on tuberculosis, Moscow.


DECEMBER  4 – 8: Francophone course “Diplomatie et Santé”, Dakar. Course Director

DECEMBER 12 – 14: UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, Geneva.

DECEMBER 11 – 13 : EU Estonian Presidency High level dialogue on transition & sustainability of TB and HIV responses, Tallinn. tbc




JANUARY 13-14: Accessibility Platform Meeting, Zurich. Moderator

JANUARY 18-19: Envoys Retreat, Geneva.

JANUARY 25-29: Mission to Donetsk and Luhansk.


FEBRUARY 3: TBVI Symposium “Tuberculosis vaccines and immunity”, Les Diablerets.

FEBRUARY 13-15: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting, Washington DC. Speaker

FEBRUARY 22-24: Executive Course on Public Health and Drug Policy, Geneva. Course Director


MARCH 1-2: Mission to Kiev.

MARCH 3: Drug Policy Conference, Kiev. Speaker

MARCH 4-5: Mission to Donetsk.

MARCH 9-10: Hearing of the High Level Panel on Access to Medicines, London. Speaker

MARCH 14: Post-Croi 2016, Florence. Speaker

MARCH 15: Inaugural event of the Joep Lange Institute, Amsterdam.

MARCH 17: Briefing on HIV and TB with Permanent Representations to the EU, Brussels. Co-organizer

MARCH 23-25: Fifth International Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference, Moscow. Speaker


APRIL 8: Meeting with WHO Europe Regional Director and HIV, TB and Hepatitis team, Copenhagen.

APRIL 18: Roundtable “Rethinking International Drug Policy: Adopting a Public Health Approach”, Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington DC. Speaker

APRIL 19-21: UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs, New York. Speaker

APRIL 21-23: Global Commission on Drug Policy Plenary Meeting, New York.



MAY 3-4: Meetings at UNDP, UNFPA and UN Women, Istanbul.

MAY 12-13: Third Regional Consultation on Harm Reduction in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Odessa. Speaker

MAY 16-29: Mission to the Russian Federation.

MAY 30-31: International Conference “Actual Problems of HIV”, Saint Petersburg. Speaker


JUNE 6-7: Italian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research in 2016, Milan. Speaker

JUNE 8-10: UN High Level Meeting on HIV, New York. Speaker

JUNE 14: Friends of the Global Fund Conference, Paris. Speaker

JUNE 17: Side event “Addressing Migrants’ Access to Health, HIV and TB services in Eastern Europe and Central Asia” at the sidelines of the Human Rights Council, Geneva. Co-chair

JUNE 21: MILDECA Meeting, Paris. Speaker

JUNE 23: Panel “Multilateral Governance on Health”, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Geneva. Speaker

JUNE 27: High Level event in the lead up to the Global Fund Replenishment, Rome. Speaker

JUNE 28-30: UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, Geneva.


JULY 6-8: Mission to Ukraine.

JULY 16-17: Tuberculosis Conference TB2016, Durban. Speaker

JULY 18-22: 21st International AIDS Conference, Durban. Speaker

JULY 24-26: EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) 2016, Manchester. Speaker


SEPTEMBER 12-15: WHO Europe Regional Committee, Copenhagen.

SEPTEMBER 19: 5th City Health International Conference, London. Speaker


OCTOBER 10-14: Mission to Kazakhstan.

OCTOBER 12-13: National Conference on “HIV: yesterday, today and tomorrow”, Almaty. Speaker


NOVEMBER 2-3: Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) Regional Consultation on Expanding Access to Affordable and Quality Assured Antiretroviral and Antituberculosis medicines, Minsk. Speaker



DECEMBER 5-9: Health and Diplomacy, Francophone course, Geneva. Course Director

DECEMBER 6-8: UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, Geneva.



JANUARY 7: Meeting with the High Commissioner on Human Rights, Geneva.

JANUARY 20: Crimea, Six months after discontinuation of OST, Geneva. Press briefing.

JANUARY 26-28: Meeting of the European Group of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, Brussels. Press briefing.


FEBRUARY 16: Audition of the Global Commission on Drug Policy by the UNGASS 2016 Board of the CND, Vienna. Speaker.

FEBRUARY 26: Santé et Droits Humains, Assemblée Nationale (Friends of the Global Fund), Paris. Speaker.


MARCH 4-6: Conference on Medical Use of Cannabis, Prague. Speaker.

MARCH 9-15: Commission on Narcotics and Drugs, Vienna.

MARCH 16: Access to Medicines for Hepatitis C, Médecins du Monde, Paris. Speaker.

MARCH 20: Visit to WHO Europe, Copenhagen.

MARCH 23-26: Visit to Armenia.

MARCH 30-31: European Ministerial Meeting on Tuberculosis, Riga. Speaker.


APRIL 20-24: International Forum on TB vaccines, Shangaï. Speaker.


MAY 4-6: 8th National Conference on Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Tashkent. Speaker.



MAY 18-22: World Health Assembly, Geneva.

MAY 19: Side event of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, World Health Assembly, Geneva.

MAY 26-28: Visit to Belarus.


JUNE 1-2: Séminaire Santé et Diplomatie, Global Health Program and ENA, Dakar. Speaker.

JUNE 17-18: High-Level Consultation ‘Addictions: Regulating Risk’, Brussels. Speaker.

JUNE 29-30: UNDP meeting on ‘Advancing the Recommendations of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law on HIV and people who use drugs’, New York. Speaker.


JULY 1-2: UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, Geneva. Statement.

JULY 8-9: Lancet Commission on Drugs, New York. Co-Chair.

JULY 19-22: IAS 2015, Vancouver. Plenary Speaker.

JULY 28-31: AIDS Impact 2015, Amsterdam. Speaker.



SEPTEMBER 1: Conference, Network of Biology Laboratories, Bern. Speaker.

SEPTEMBER 14-15: WHO European Regional Committee, Vilnius.

SEPTEMBER 15: Workshop at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. Speaker.

SEPTEMBER 25-28: UN General Assembly, New York.


OCTOBER 1-2: National Conference on Palliative Care, Kiev. Speaker. 

OCTOBER 3-6: Plenary Session of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, Rabat.

OCTOBER 13: Symposium in Honor of Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Paris. Speaker.

OCTOBER 14: Friends of the Global Fund, Paris.

OCTOBER 17-20: Harm Reduction Conference, Kuala Lumpur. Speaker.

OCTOBER 21-23: European AIDS Clinical Society Conference, Barcelona. Speaker.

OCTOBER 26-28: UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, Geneva.


NOVEMBER 4-7: World Science Forum, Budapest. Speaker.

NOVEMBER 6: Global Health Seminar, SciencesPo, Paris. Speaker. (TBC)

NOVEMBER 23-27: Health and Diplomacy, Francophone course, Dakar. Director.

NOVEMBER 30-2: Theravectys Side Meeting to the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health, Cape Town.


DECEMBER 4-5: Champalimaud Foundation Conference, Lisbon. Speaker.

DECEMBER 7-8: International Steering Committee of the Robert Carr Fund, Amsterdam. Chair.

DECEMBER 9-11: Wilton Park Conference on AIDS in Europe. Speaker.


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